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What is Commercial Refrigeration? — Perth Business Guide

Posted on : 14-05-2015 | By : Audrey Iraheta | In : Commercial Refrigeration


The refrigerator used in your household doesn’t have to be very huge in order for it to hold food enough to feed your family for a week. On the other hand, if you need to buy a refrigerator for your restaurant, coffee shop, or canteen, you need to buy larger refrigeration units rather than smaller fridges because they have to be stocked every day with a volume of food enough to feed the customers, and with surplus stock just in case – you need commercial refrigeration units.

Commercial Refrigeration PerthOf course, commercial refrigeration appliances are larger compared to what we use in our homes. Commercial freezers are not designed to be sleek, instead they feature an array of shelves and drawers for your food allowing you to have easy access and easy stacking.

Furthermore, commercial refrigeration units are more powerful than residential fridges. They need to be extremely powerful because they’re larger and store more food. Moreover, fridges in the restaurant setting must keep food in a consistent temperature so that the food they store will stay fresh and free from contamination.

Finally, another huge difference between commercial and household refrigeration appliances is their appearance. Unlike what are used in households, commercial fridges are usually plain and come with fewer size and shape options, that’s because businesses should consider the fact that form matters less than function.


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